Are We There Yet?

“…O Lord How Long?” Psalm 6:3

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional - Are We There Yet?Recently Susan and myself—along with a fine Christian couple—toured our great province of Newfoundland.

As we drove we amused ourselves in many ways including repeating some expressions we had all heard from our children when they travelled with us.

Each morning just as we got under way one or another of us would say, “Are we there yet?” I would laugh as it called to our minds our children, when little, who would say 5 minutes into a 3 hour trip, “Mom, Dad, are we there yet?”

At times in our Christian journey, we come to the place where we are exhausted of living and cry to the Lord, “O Lord, how long?”

Soon enough the darkness of your trials will be chased away by the light of heaven.

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