When Sleep Does Not Come

“…I remember You upon my bed,
and meditate on You in the night watches.”
Psalm 63:6


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My tears
have been my meat day and night,
while they continually say unto me,
‘Where is your God?’” Psalm 42:3

It is true with every child of God. We have times of celebration over how near the Lord is to us and then there are other times when we feel abandoned by the Lord and sleep is impossible. So we lie awake praying to an “absent” God.

Perhaps we even question if the Lord exists at all. We come to the place where we think like Asaph when he said,

…all the day long have I been plagued,
and chastened every morning.
If I say, I will speak thus;
behold, I should offend your children.”
(Psalm 73:14-15).

Asaph could not tell other believers how he felt about life without offending them and perhaps be rebuked by them.

Such a pitiful position is the portion of various followers of Jesus. They know all the right words to say about the faithfulness of the Lord and how He promised never to leave of forsake them. Yet somehow they still feel forsaken by God regardless of those biblical statements of God’s faithfulness to His people.

How can they handle the criticism they would surely receive if they said to anyone that their sorrow is so great they wonder if the Lord has gone back on His promises to His people?

If sleep does not come to you because of the great weight of your burden do what our verse today says. Remember the Lord. Call to mind other times when He eventually delivered you from the sorrow you felt over life.

During those sleepless nights “meditate” on the Lord. Think of the Good Shepherd of John 10, recite to yourself Psalm 23. Read the beautiful 40th chapter of Isaiah several times. Ask the Lord to make its statements come alive in your situation. Pursue the Lord in prayer through the pages of Scripture. He will surely come and bring peace to your weary heart in those “night watches”.

One thought on “When Sleep Does Not Come

  1. Chris Davey says:

    I have known my share of sleeplessness nights from the trials that The Lord has blessed me with…the Lord has seen me through alcoholism, cancer, the loss of a beloved wife to cancer…through these tests of faith, the Lord’s love has been steadfast and His mercies new every morning because I have always looked to Him and His word for help…in order to know God’s word, I must know the God of the word!

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