No Regrets

“After he has suffered,
he will see the light of life and be satisfied;
by his knowledge my righteous servant will justify many,
and he will bear their iniquities.”
Isaiah 53:11 (NIV)

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Many years ago I had an unusual family attend the church where I was pastor. The husband did not come but his wife and children did. Sadly the husband was one of those people who were trapped in a self made prison of alcoholism.

Occasionally his wife would call me around 2 am on a Sunday morning asking me to go find her husband who had not come home after the closing time of the local bars. Although I had to preach a couple of times that Sunday and needed my rest, I would dress and go driving around to the bars seeking the wayward man.

I recall times when the dear wife called me at 2 am and my attitude toward the man was less than Christian. I regretted knowing the family. I always went out on the hunt for him but sometimes I greatly begrudged the mission.

The difference in attitude toward sinners that was seen between myself and Jesus could not have been greater. Jesus suffered in an indescribable manner in order to redeem His people. The cost to Him was immeasurable. My cost to help the alcoholic man was nothing in comparison.

Alongside the enormous price Jesus paid to redeem us—we need to consider how undeserving we are. Some of us have cursed God to His face. We have mocked Christianity just like the people around the cross where our beloved Lord hung and died.

Yet, for all our sinfulness—and also the poor track record many of us have as Christians—Jesus never, never regrets what it cost Him to make us His people. As our verse indicates He is satisfied.

It may be that you think yourself of little worth to the Lord. Possibly you have disgraced yourself as a follower of Jesus. Regardless of how little you may have done for your Saviour—notwithstanding your many failures—never ever think that Jesus regrets what He did to make you His follower.

You are a priceless treasure to Jesus Christian friend. You may not be valued by the world but your Creator has paid the ultimate price for you and does not regret it. Jesus has no regrets. He is completely satisfied.

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