The Tired Jesus

“Now he had to go through Samaria.”
John 4:4 (NIV)

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Various times in Scripture we read of our Lord’s physical exhaustion. For example, in Luke 8:23 Jesus was asleep in the boat when a life threatening storm came up. Jesus had the same emotional and physical limitations that we experience in life and yet—at the same time—He was God.

Jesus was angry (Matthew 23), Jesus was hungry (Luke 4:2), Jesus’ knowledge of some things was limited (Mark 13:32). Other passages in the Gospels make clear that Jesus was fully human.

In John 4:6 we read that Jesus was physically exhausted and that is why He sent the apostles on into the town to get food and bring it back to Him at the well.

So when Jesus had this interview with the woman at the well He was weary and needed rest. Yet, when she came to fetch water for her needs, He roused Himself and gave the conversation His full attention. He put her needs above His own.

Another scene of a “tired” Jesus was the one where He was crucified and instead of drawing back into Himself as might be expected, He ministered to the needs of others such as the executioners and their need of forgiveness (Luke 23:34). He was also able to get past His excruciating pain and help the repentant thief (Luke 23:39-43). Then He tenderly helped His widowed mother find shelter now that He would no longer be there to care for her needs (John 19:25-27).

Clearly Jesus was able to minister grace to suffering people when He appeared to be weak and limited. So how much more will He be able to hear and answer the faint prayers of us in our sorrows and grief now that He is seated at the right hand of the Father?

Jesus is willing to minister grace to you, Jesus is able to minister grace to you—cease your doubting and come to this glorious, all powerful One and receive the necessary strength for today. Look at Paul’s prayer for Christians in Ephesians 1:15-23 and pray for yourself what Paul sought for the believers in Ephesus. Come to Jesus and come today.

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