This world is not my home

“The Lord sends poverty and wealth,
He humbles and He exalts.”
1 Samuel 2:7

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We are told in our verse today that God is behind the circumstances of our lives whatever they are. If our life is going along well we can accept this idea readily. In other words we feel we have favour with God. However if we discover ourselves in a trial we wonder what happened. Where did God go? It seems He has left us. We do not wish to “blame” God for our sorrow, but we can feel a distance between Him and us.

Many people think that if God is loving, omnipotent, and wise, He should keep us from harm and protect us in the journey of life. But even for the best of Christians, sorrow comes and we wonder which attribute of God is missing from the equation.

As biblical Christians we certainly must believe that God is loving, all powerful and wise. This is exactly where our problem is with the presence of evil in the world such a God made. It does not square with what we believe about God’s attributes. How then do we explain the suffering we experience?

Some atheists argue against God’s existence on these grounds. When someone comes to me with such an argument I like to ask them what they are personally doing in the world to relieve suffering. Do they support charities whose mission is to relieve suffering around the world? If they do not then I suggest they had better get started doing something about the suffering if they really care. Why criticize God for not doing what you are able to do but refuse to do? I believe God has given some of us more than we need in order that we can give generously to those who have less than they need.

So we are left to trust in what we are taught about who God is and not let what He does separate us from Him. We cannot always understand the activity of God who is so much greater than we are.

Also God uses trials in our lives to draw us near to Him in our times of need and sometimes to refine us so we can have sin purged from our lives.

When we suffer—and submit to God’s will in the matter—then we glorify God and He shall reward us in due time. Do not waste your suffering, but reach out to others in similar situations and tell them how the Lord is enabling you to endure. If life is treating you well, reach out to the ones around you who could use help and seek to serve their needs. There is much to do to alleviate the hurt that is all around us if we will look and see.

Remember, if you are a follower of Jesus, this world is not your home. You are having a place prepared for you in heaven which is totally wonderful and God Himself shall wipe all tears from your eyes the day you enter your reward.

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