Christian Meditation

“He went out to the field one evening to meditate,
and as he looked up, he saw camels approaching.”
Genesis 24:63 (NIV)

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One part of genuine and healthy Christianity is the spiritual exercise of meditation. The word meditation appears several times in Scripture and in a positive context. So clearly this is something worth doing to strengthen your faith and give you joy and peace in life.

For example, when a person meditates, he or she takes some time out from the business of life to withdraw into a quiet place. There the person thinks about the Lord, reads Scripture that describes the wonder and glory of God, and focuses their mind on the Lord Himself.

Isaac’s meditation is described in today’s verse. He went out from his family into a quiet place—a  field—and there he reflected on his relationship with the Lord. Possibly he prayed for comfort because his beloved mother had recently passed away.

We too should try to find a quiet spot in our home where we can pray, read Scripture and meditate undisturbed. If possible, ignore the telephone and other distractions so that you can keep your thoughts on the Lord and the teaching of Scripture.

As Isaac meditated alone in the field, the Lord brought to him comfort for his sorrowful heart. A servant had gone out seeking a wife for him, and as Isaac was praying in the field that evening the servant returned with Rebekah—who would be his bride. This is why—in Genesis 24:67—we read that Isaac was comforted in his time of loss.

We may be certain that when we spend time each day in quiet reflection on the Lord, that He will meet with us and reveal His will and give us grace for the day. If you take a chapter in the Gospels such as Psalm 23, Luke 7 or John 10 you will see a revelation of the beauty and wonder of the Lord. Reading the passage over a few times will help you concentrate on our Lord’s love for people in need, and it will draw you near to Him in wonder, love and praise.

Take some time today to meditate on a passage in Scripture and listen for the voice of the Lord speaking to you and giving you strength for the day.

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