Being Rude To Jesus

“One of them, named Cleopas, asked him,
‘Are you the only one visiting Jerusalem who does not know
the things that have happened there in these days?’”
Luke 24:18 (NIV)

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Cleopas had no idea to whom he was speaking. In fact, he spoke to the Lord Jesus Christ—the One he loved and worshipped as his God and his Saviour. He simply thought he was speaking to a mere man like himself.

Certainly, if Cleopas had known he was addressing his Lord, he would likely have spoken in a reverent tone of voice and not criticized Him for not knowing what was the only news talked about in Jerusalem that weekend.

What I wish to point out for you to think about today is the fact that Jesus allows the man to speak to Him as he did. Jesus understood that Cleopas was under intense pressure. He had not expected Jesus to be crucified. He was shocked—his world had blown up in his face. People who are confused do speak inappropriately at times.

Then some women were saying they had seen Jesus alive and he did not know what to make of this report. What he did know was that the news was all over town that Jesus’ tomb was empty and no one could find the body. Of that much he was certain. Everyone was talking about this extraordinary situation. Was Jesus alive or not? That was the question on everyone’s mind that day.

Poor Cleopas did not understand how Jesus could be coming from Jerusalem and not know what was the talk of the town. So he spoke rather abruptly to this apparently ignorant stranger and rebuked him for not knowing the latest big news report. Jesus accepted the rude comment without offence and simply urged him to continue speaking.

Does this not encourage you to come to this gentle and meek Saviour today and let the words tumble out without hesitation? You can tell the Lord Jesus all about your upset, your confusion, your pain and—regardless of how you say it—Jesus will listen and not brush you off. Do not hold back, but speak what is on your heart as Cleopas did.

Like Cleopas you will regret your rude comments if you make them. But understand the fact that Jesus wants you to talk it out with Him. You are God’s child and like any child you are going to say things that are not always appropriate. Your heavenly Father understands and knows you will repent when you realize what you have done. He is so tender and patient with people in pain. Come to this gentle Saviour today and tell Him all about your troubles. He is waiting to hear your prayer so start right now and don’t stop until you are done.

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