Divine Protection

“I have given them your word and the world has hated them,
for they are not of the world any more than I am of the world.”
John 17:14 (NIV)

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“My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one.”
John 17:14-15 (NIV)

Last evening I watched a news clip of a young woman who grew up being laughed at and called names. Her story was about how she sought to find her own place in society in spite of the rejection she had endured because of a facial malformation. As a child she had suffered verbal abuse from other children for a difficulty she could not change.

In society one main reason for rejecting others is because the one being rejected is different in one way or another. Children can be so loving at times and they can also be very cruel at other times.

As our Lord prayed for His people He made mention of the hatred the world felt for Himself and for His followers. You might think Jesus would ask the Father to remove Christians from the presence of such hatred. But that was not what He asked from the Father on their behalf.

Instead Jesus sought for protection from the evil one. How long has it been, Christian friend, since you sought this grace for yourself? Do you even recognize the fact that you have a great enemy in Satan who goes about seeking to prey on unprepared individuals? As Peter wrote in 1 Peter 5:8 (NIV)

“Be alert and of sober mind.
Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion
looking for someone to devour.”

We do not need to be afraid of Satan but we have a great need to be aware of him and his methods of attack (Matthew 10:16). May you find divine protection today as you do the work of your Father in heaven. The Lord has seen fit to leave us in the enemy’s country. Pray today that you get the much needed spiritual protection as you journey one day closer to your eternal home.

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