“Your will be done on earth as it is done in heaven.”
Matthew 6:10

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Submission is a very hot thought in our modern society. Many people get very excited when the topic is discussed at a party or in casual conversation anywhere. In the minds of a lot of individuals submission is humiliating, degrading, and puts people down in a way that is not necessary.

We are champions for individual rights. Children chafe at parental authority and rebel in various ways against the family regulations. If the teenager is told to be home by midnight they often come in at 1:00am. And on it goes.

Even some mature people get angry when the police officer pulls them over because they were speeding. Certain adults will speak harshly to the officer who pulls them over on the highway. They ask why the policeman is not out chasing thieves and the mafia. A provincial police officer I know very well told me that he has had people shout and swear at him on the side of the road because he stopped them for speeding.

Submission is not the evil thing people make it out to be. In many instances we willingly submit to authorities. For example, when a doctor gives us a prescription we willingly take it to the pharmacy and have it filled. Then we take the medication just as the doctor told us.

When we were students in school or university we willingly submitted to the examinations necessary to achieve a passing grade in the subject we studied. We did not feel ourselves oppressed by the teacher or professor when examination papers were handed out. When we go to the dentist we want to be sure he or she obeyed the rules without cheating to get a passing grade on their examinations. So in various areas of life we insist on people submitting.

Where submission is critically important is in the relationship we seek to have with our Creator. Common sense is all it takes to realize we are very inferior to the God Who spoke everything into existence. We are no match for Him.

Only Christians will pray the words in our verse for today. The essential characteristic of sin is that it is rebellion against God. The mark of a genuine Christian is submission to God.

When someone becomes a Christian it is by submitting their entire life to the Lord and saying, “Your will be done.” Do you practice submission to the Lord? Are you willingly submissive? Perhaps this is what you need to assess today. Ask yourself the question, “Am I resentful about God’s will for me and do I resist His way in my life?”

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