A Good Reputation

“Moses and Aaron were among his priests,
Samuel was among those who called on his name…”
Psalm 99:6 (NIV)

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For some reason—when I started banking for myself—I chose a different bank to that of my father. When I needed a loan for my first car, it required my Dad coming in and allowing a credit check on himself so he could co-sign my loan. After we sat down with the bank manager to sign the papers for my loan I will never forget what the manager said to my Dad when we left his office.

The bank manager had evidently been highly impressed with my father’s credit check. He said to my Dad, “Mr. Rumford if there is ever anything we can do for you personally I hope you will come and see me.” When he said that, I realized the man was saying it because my Dad had earned the highest credit rating the agency gave people and he wanted my father as a client at his bank.

As a young adult I found out that my father had an excellent reputation for his perfect repayment history with the banks. Since that day I have always sought to earn and keep a similar reputation with the financial institutions I deal with. My personal credit rating has always been the highest because I followed my Dad’s example of only borrowing when I was certain I could pay the debt months or years before it was due.

Our verse today states the evidence for the good reputations of Moses, Aaron, and Samuel. Moses and Aaron (his brother), earned their excellent reputations because they represented the nation of Israel so well before God—as priests. They actively sought forgiveness for the peoples’ sins. Samuel was known as a man of prayer. He knew how to reach the heart of God and get what he wanted and needed.

Now we certainly understand that Moses and Aaron prayed and Samuel acted as a priest for God’s people. However, their outstanding characteristics as men of God were in specific areas.

How are you earning a reputation with the Lord today? Is it because of an active, strong prayer life? Or are you especially adept at witnessing about God’s grace in Jesus? Do you exercise a gift of mercy toward those who suffer? Whatever your special strength use it today to bless and help others to come to Jesus and gain the necessary help for life.

Go out in the Lord’s strength and minister to those in need and you shall not only be blessed yourself, you shall gain a good reputation with others and especially with the Lord.

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