Amazing Love!

“…God loved the world so much
that He gave His only begotten Son…”

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Sometimes we find words a poor vehicle to convey our love for someone in this life. Valentines with their poems occasionally catch the heart of a person’s love for their spouse. But sometimes we cannot find the words to assure our loved one of just how precious they are to us.

If we have really understood the message of Scripture when it describes how God hates sin, we become fearful that His hatred of sin may spill over onto those who commit the sins. This can be a very uncomfortable thought to us. We fall into some temptation and miserably fail the Lord and immediately think He must hate us for our failure.

I recall the story of a father whose son had been arrested and charged with breaking the law. The father had to go to the local jail to bail his son out. The father’s heart was broken because the son had always been law abiding and was never in any trouble before.

After the father posted bail the police led the son out to the father. The young man could not look his father in the eye. He kept looking at the floor and said softly, “I guess you really hate me now don’t you Dad?”

The devastated father said, “Joey I do not understand you, and I am very sorry you have done this. But if I live to be a hundred you will never teach me to hate you Joey. Come on son, let’s go home.”

That father is a good illustration of how our Father in heaven acts toward one of His children who have sinned terribly. He is deeply hurt at how we have wandered away from Him. He hates the sin that lured us from His side. But He will never cause His love to vanish and allow hatred to come in its place.

When we were lost in sin and deserving of eternal death, God sent His Son to redeem us. Just as that heart-broken father went to the police station to reclaim his son by posting bail, so our Father in heaven has gone into the wilderness of sin to claim a people for Himself. Ephesians 1:4 tells Christians that before God uttered a creative word He chose a people for Himself. His love was set upon them and it cannot be removed.

So, Christian friend, you may have fallen dreadfully into some sin or another. Never forget that you shall always be loved and the Lord will search you out and bring you from the place where you fell back into His loving company. That truly is amazing love!

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