A Marriage Made In Heaven

“I will betroth you to me forever;
I will betroth you in righteousness and justice,
in love and compassion.”
Hosea 2:19 (NIV)

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Someone once said “A marriage may be made in heaven but it must be lived here on earth.” Obviously there is a difference between heaven’s social order and that of earth. This world is broken and full of misery for many people. On the other hand we have been taught that heaven is all bliss and harmony. Earthly marriages have blissful moments to be sureā€”but arguments, differences of opinion, lack of fidelity to the marriage vows, plague marriages lived on earth. Those who choose to marry are opening the door to the risk of the greatest pain and suffering imaginable.

God has taken the wonderful side of the marriage relationship and used it to describe how He relates to His people. When a person becomes a Christian they are “married” to the Lord. God gives Himself to the individual and vows to love, respect, protect, and be faithful to that person forever!

In return God expects the same from His “bride”. God calls on Christians to be loyal to Him, love Him more than anyone else on earth, and be His travelling companion throughout all their days. So becoming a Christian is, in many ways, like getting married to someone in this life.

However, in marriage ceremonies in this life, the vow concludes with words like: “…be faithful unto you until death parts us.” This is where the difference lies in being “married” to the Lord. We become His spouse forever. The marriage God makes with us is one that never ends for any reason whatsoever.

Those who are united to the Lord never become widows or widowers! As each Christian passes through the valley of the shadow of death they come into the most intimate and blessed fellowship possible. The joys they had knowing the Lord here on earth are magnified to infinity. All the difficulties and temptations to desert the Lord are gone.

As a follower of the Lord, ponder this amazing thought of being “married” to the Lord for all eternity. Our verse today tells us that it is the Lord Who “marries” us. He is portrayed as the divine Lover Who sought out His bride. He is seen as the One Who wooed and won the heart of His loved ones. One author penned the following:

I sought the Lord,
and afterward I knew he moved my soul to seek him, seeking me;
it was not I that found, O Savior true;
no, I was found of thee.

Yes we must seek the Lord until we have assurance He has heard our prayers. We much repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, indeed we must believe that Jesus rose from the dead. But behind all we do in becoming Christians, the Lord has already been at work. Marvel at this truth Christian, your “marriage” to Jesus was made in heaven!

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