He Is Already There

“The eternal God is your refuge,
and underneath are the everlasting arms.
He will drive out your enemies before you, saying,
‘Destroy them!’”
Deuteronomy 33:27 (NIV)

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Two things which spoil the present are—grieving over the past and worrying about the future. It is sad but true that we cannot change the past. It is chiselled in stone and is always lurking around us ready to spoil our enjoyment of the present. We often allow the sad memories of the past to haunt us in the present.

When it comes to the future we can worry over our ability to cope with what we think may be coming our way. It may be an illness that we believe might limit our physical movement, or the ability to earn a living. We may be distressed because we think the world’s economy is going to collapse and leave all of us unable to buy a loaf of bread to eat.

Satan exploits the negative views of our past and future in order to paralyze us in the present. He knows that if he can get us thinking too much about the memories of the past or shadows of the future we will become disheartened in the present and give up our efforts to live the life the Lord wants for us here and now.

The past cannot be changed—as we all know. But we are able to create a better future by accepting the teaching of our verse today. First we look at the present and what its reality is. God is the “refuge” or safe place from enemies in the present. We cannot fail today because of God’s “everlasting arms” underneath us.

Concerning the future, we read that God has a plan for all of our enemies and it is to “destroy them”. So, as we move forward, we will discover that the enemy of illness, economic disaster—or whatever has its sting—will be removed by the everlasting God. We should never worry about tomorrow because God is already there.

Time defines us as creatures. We have a date of birth, a present age, we say we were late for an appointment, and so on. God is an eternal Being. He is outside of time as we understand it. So when we think of the activity of the Lord on our behalf, we should never think He is simply keeping up with us and organizing our present so we will have a better future.

God has ordered your days from first to last. All that happens to you and me in time, stands arranged by our loving Father in heaven. When a new difficulty arrives on our doorstep we remember the verse for today and know we can flee into the loving arms of the Lord. We sense His strong arms beneath us so we will not, cannot fall. He will say to our enemies “Be gone!” and they will fade as the darkness before the rising sun.

Leave your future with the Lord. Rest assured that what you fear about the future is already organized by the Lord for your eternal good. He is already there!

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