Mountains And Valleys

“For this is what the high and exalted One says—
he who lives forever, whose name is holy:
‘I live in a high and holy place,
but also with the one who is contrite and lowly in spirit,
to revive the spirit of the lowly
and to revive the heart of the contrite…'”
Isaiah 57:15 (NIV)

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As a boy, being on the farm was such a wonderful contrast to the city and its smog, honking car horns, crowded housing and so on. Everywhere you looked in the city you saw the creation of humankind. Wood and brick buildings, asphalt roads, telephone poles—and on it went. There were occasional trees, small patches of grass and a few flowers but for the most part everything that could be seen, heard and smelt was man-made.

In the quietness of the countryside God seemed closer and more present to me. But it was only when I was exposed to the magnificent Canadian Rocky Mountains that I felt truly humbled in the presence of the Creator. Those rugged, immense peaks towered over the valleys and I felt so small and insignificant in the valleys that weaved their way around the bases of them.

Our verse today speaks of how high and lofty God is in comparison to ourselves—His creatures. We are but the dust on the face of eternity when in the presence of Almighty God. To gain the correct perspective on the eternal God and ourselves is humbling indeed. We may be small compared to mountains but in God’s eyes we are very significant!

What makes our verse almost impossible to believe is that we are told the One Who resides on the circle of eternity wishes to come down from the heights of heaven to make His home with such minuscule creatures as ourselves.

If you have opportunity to visit new mountains—the rugged, lofty, and majestic ones—do so. As you stand in the valley at the foot of the mountain consider how vastly superior to you it is. Its sheer size overwhelms you. Then consider how much greater is the God Who created that mountain. That immeasurable God desires your company. Do not push Him away. Rather welcome His presence and in humility bow before Him and confess Him as your Lord and Saviour.

When you pray asking for grace to help with your problems in life, remember how immense and powerful He is. Is anything too big for the God Who created the mountains, the earth, the solar system and the countless galaxies we see?  No, nothing is, and the Lord of the universe is pleased to reside with the lowly of heart. Come humbly, come with confidence. He is waiting for your prayer. Come and come today.

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