The Amazing Jesus

And all the people were amazed
Matthew 12:23

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As you study the life of Jesus as recorded in the New Testament there are three classes of response to Him and His message that people had. The first was a sense of amazement at His words or works. The verse today speaks of the response of the people to Jesus healing a blind and mute man.

In Matthew 7:28 we read that people were amazed at the teaching of Jesus. The second response of people was fear. Luke 8:37 refers to the fear people had on that occasion because of the miracle Jesus performed. These people desired Jesus to leave their area, which He did.

Then there was the response of rage that some people had at Jesus for His works and words. Reading the verbal abuse hurled at Jesus when He was on the cross is adequate testimony to the anger and hostility His work and words created on some people.

We wonder at such varied reactions to the same individual. How could He create such different responses to the same sermon or miracle as these? Do we need to look at Jesus to find the answer to our question about this matter?

Looking at Jesus we see a person who went about doing good (Acts 10:38). Jesus never sought to provoke people with His teaching and activity. He was gentle and loving with the little children. He took special notice of people in pain as Luke’s Gospel especially records. He was gentle with people who sought to trip Him up in His words. He was loyal even to Judas, and when Judas betrayed Jesus, the Lord still called him “friend”.

Jesus was a responsible adult and took care of his widowed mother’s needs right up to the last when He was on the cross, and only then did He pass her care to another who could be trusted and seemed to have more than enough to keep her in a comfortable manner.

Everywhere Jesus went He encouraged people to come to Him and find the rest and encouragement they needed. He visited the homes of social outcasts and He visited the homes of the wealthy and social elite. No one was put away from Him it seems. Jesus seemed concerned for all sorts of people without exception.

I think we need to look at our own hearts to find the reasons for people being so varied in their encounters with Jesus. Jesus was sinless and devoted to the will of His Father in heaven. Most of us feel a bit uncomfortable in the presence of a saint. Somehow it seems embarrassing to stand beside someone who is perfect in every way.

The problem certainly is with us if we have a negative response to Jesus. No one is excluded from His company except those who exclude themselves. He was with the whole spectrum of society when walking among us.

Whatever your need, whatever your issue, fight any negative response to Jesus and His message. He will receive you regardless of whether or not you are “religious”. He never excluded anyone for their criminal record. Remember the thief on the cross. Jesus is the perfect Saviour for all of us.

Come to Him today and discover how He welcomes you into His company, into His friendship, into His eternal love. Come to this amazing Jesus and find all you need for this life and the next.

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