Suffering In Silence

“All day long I have been afflicted,
and every morning brings new punishments.
[16] When I tried to understand all this,
it troubled me deeply…”
Psalm 73:14,16 (NIV)

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Psalm 73 is a gem among the Psalms for the weary Christian who feels life is not worth it. Asaph, who likely wrote this Psalm, was a man who received much sorrow in his life. He does not spell out what his troubles are, he just tells us it seems that every day he receives new punishments from God.

He has no one to talk to because if people around him knew what he thought of life they would be offended. He had to remain silent and keep his complaints to himself lest he upset others.

In the church today there is a popular mindset that tells us that Christians do not have the problems of the world. This way of looking at life teaches us that—if we are believers—God will shower blessings on us and keep us from the problems others have. The conclusion of this way of thinking is to suggest we must have perpetual grins on our faces and tell everyone who asks us that life is great.

So, for the person who has trouble in their lives and becomes discouraged, it is hard to let others know of their sorrow. No one is supposed to have problems or feel distress. Thus a brave face is put on and the person in pain suffers in silence.

The Psalmist worked hard to understand what was going on in his life and why he had to suffer so much—when godless people seemed to have the good life. He even questioned the worth of being a believer if this is what happens to you.

Asaph was an honest man who came to a place of spiritual dryness. His relationship with the Lord was like a desert—dry, lifeless and without hope.

When he came to the end of himself he did something that began the process of him getting solid footing. Read verse 17 and see how his view of his miserable life changed. In Christian circles today we do not put enough emphasis on this spiritual remedy for dryness of our soul.

Ponder how Asaph started the long journey back to a stable and satisfying relationship with the God Who made him. Tomorrow we will consider more of this much needed activity that will revitalize our spiritual journey.

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