A Right View Of Things

“…till I entered the sanctuary of God;
then I understood their final destiny…”
Psalm 73:17 (NIV)

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The man who wrote Psalm 73 was Asaph. he suffered greatly. He even came to the place where he questioned his faith and if God really was interested in him or not. He was in an incredibly lonely and desperate state.

Many troubled Christians cease their attendance at God’s house when a loved one dies, they lost their job, or some other catastrophe occurs.

Should we verbally beat up someone whose attendance at church has ceased after calamity strikes? Ought we to quote some random verse of Scripture to them as a form of rebuke? Or is there another way to help a person in such a sad spiritual state?

Looking at today’s verse we see that the turning point for Asaph happened when he went into the house of the Lord. He got up from his hiding place and walked to the sanctuary of God. This remarkable activity of attending God’s house is trivialized by many Christians today. Yet it was central to the spiritual health of Asaph.

Over and over in Scripture we learn that God’s house is a wonderful place to hear the voice of God speaking to us. At one time God’s people spoke of the “means of grace”— and what they meant was that God used numerous ways to speak to His people.

The means of grace include the Lord’s Supper; the public reading of Holy Scripture; the Word of God preached; the communion or fellowship of the saints gathered in worship; the prayers uttered as God’s people meet.

Do you see the enormous benefits of gathering with God’s people regularly to receive the blessings that are especially present in the church gathered? Perhaps you have dropped off attending Church. This may be what keeps you from understanding what life is really all about.

Vow today to attend your church this coming Lord’s Day. Go with an expectant heart. Study the words of the hymns for teaching for your situation. Listen intently as the sermon is delivered. Seek to understand what the preacher said and how it applies to your life. You shall be blessed just as Asaph was so many years ago.


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