The Fellowship Of The Saints

“…till I entered the sanctuary of God;
then I understood their final destiny…”
Psalm 73:17 (NIV)

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One of the great blessings in attending the house of God is to mingle with fellow believers and talk about the things of the Lord. We can bless each other as we speak words of encouragement, words of hope, words that build us up in our faith (Ephesians 4:29).

Just seeing certain people in church on the Lord’s Day can be wonderfully used of the Lord to strengthen our faith. I recall a man who came to church every time they held a meeting. The weather never kept him from coming. As his pastor I knew that it would take something catastrophic to keep him away.

What blessed me so much about this man was the fact he did not have any legs. He had an accident one day in the railway yard where he worked. A steam locomotive ran over his legs. He was outfitted with artificial limbs, used canes, and had hand controls installed on his car so he could get out and about. We had a special parking spot with his name on it that allowed him to park close to the church’s entrance.

I know that man’s faithful attendance at church rebuked some of the other members who would hesitate coming if there was a rain shower or a bit of snow on the road. Also just seeing him in church singing happily the Lord’s praise blessed many people who knew his sad story.

If you suffer in your life and still go to God’s house and heartily sing the praise of God your action is a blessing to others. You are living proof of the truths the preacher ministers. Seek to be faithful in attending God’s house and enjoying the preaching, the prayers, the Scripture readings, the hymns and anthems of exaltation and praise of God and the fellowship of the saints.

In God’s house we have many ways to gain understanding of God’s purposes for us and we are strengthened to continue on when we might think of giving up. Pray each Sunday before going to church that the Lord will speak to you and through you to others who may need an encouraging, uplifting word from you.

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