When All Else Fails

“Your word is a lamp for my feet,
a light on my path.”
Psalm 119:105 (NIV)

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There is an old saying in the western world that goes as follows: When all else fails, read the directions. The saying fits a situation where someone has tried to use a device such as a lawn mower or computer program without starting by reading the directions.

It is simple logic that we need to read the instruction manual prior to using a complicated device. All of us know how to drive a car and some of us have driven our car for years without consulting the owner’s manual in the glove compartment. We get by quite well in spite of not consulting the advice of the manufacturer for proper use of the vehicle.

However, when we run into problems trying to use the appliance or other device, we then turn to the owner’s manual and read up on how to get the most from the item. First we exhaust our own wisdom and ideas until finally we consult the owner’s manual.

It is the same with life. So often we muddle along seeking to solve this issue or that one. Finally we wake up and consult God’s user’s guide to life, the Bible. This is what the Psalmist discovered. He likens the Bible to a flashlight that is so useful when walking in the darkness.

Does the way forward for you seem dark and frightening? Then prayerfully read the Scriptures asking the Lord to make its teaching clear and relevant to your particular situation. Use a topical Bible and look up the section on knowing the will of God—or a subject that relates to your specific situation.

It might help to ask your pastor for direction on where to read in the Bible. Perhaps you might find some biblical character who had a similar situation to your own. Many people find comfort reading the Psalms. Isaiah 40, Habakkuk, Psalm 23, 91, 121 are among the great passages to stabilize the weary Christian.

Scripture does not always tell us why we have to walk a more difficult road than others any more than a flashlight tells you why the road turns to the right instead of to the left. But Scripture, like the flashlight, shows us the way to navigate through difficult passages in life.

Turn to God’s Word prayerfully and expectantly today and you shall find the needed help. God has promised to supply your need and your need is not to know why things happen as they do. Your most important need is to know how to deal successfully with the issue facing you today. Go to the Bible and listen for guidance, for encouragement, for comfort. The Lord is waiting to speak to you. Go to Him right now.

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