“I Love That Book Daddy!”

“Because I love your commands more than gold,
more than pure gold…”
Psalm 119:127 (NIV)

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Over 100 years ago in Boston, Ontario, there lived a fine Baptist pastor and his wife. The minister was a faithful preacher of the Gospel and he along with his wife and 5 year old son lived in the manse next door to the church building in the small farming community.

The minister was faithful in teaching his son Bible stories his young mind could understand. Also the father kept telling the little fellow what a wonderful book the Bible was. The child understood clearly that the Bible was a special treasure to his father and mother.

Sadly the boy became deathly ill. In the later stages of the child’s illness the father took turns with his wife attending to their son’s needs. One afternoon the man gently lifted his son up into his arms and spoke words of love to him. The boy lifted a copy of the New Testament out of his father’s shirt pocket and said to his father, “Daddy, I love this book.” It was one of the last things he said before departing for heaven.

As Christian parents and grandparents we can never tell our family members too often how much they should love and treasure the Bible. It is a special resource for all who love the Lord and it provides us with comfort, rebuke, guidance, wisdom and all the other things we need to walk well in this life.

It is all too easy to ignore the Bible and not bother reading it between Sundays at church. We should be memorizing it and helping our family to do the same. It is through having God’s Word committed to memory that we are prevented from sinning. We are also able to use it to bring encouragement to ourselves and those we talk to. The wisdom of Scripture will help us make good decisions in life.

Take a few moments today to read some Proverbs, a favourite Psalm, one of the scenes in the Gospels you especially enjoy. You will be uplifted when you do and you will have a greater appreciation for the Book of books, the Bible.

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