Just A Touch

“’Who touched me?’ Jesus asked.
When they all denied it, Peter said,
‘Master, the people are crowding and pressing against you.’”
Luke 8:45 (NIV)

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The verses around this one tell the story of a woman who had been bleeding for years, spent all her money on doctors and was no better—just much poorer for her efforts. She had heard of this Galilean man who apparently healed the sick and preached the kingdom of God.

She felt humbled in the presence of such a holy man and so she did not wish to bother him with her difficulty. She was of the opinion that if she just touched Him the power He possessed would heal her. So she drew near and gently touched just the hem of His clothing.

Instantly she knew she was healed. Her body was relieved of the medical condition and she received what she came for. How her heart must have leaped for joy. She was so startled by the instantaneous cure it seems she stopped in her tracks.

Jesus also stopped instantly. “Who touched me?” He asked. He knew someone had deliberately touched Him for help. The disciples were wondering what Jesus meant. People were all crowding around Him and many of them brushed up against Him. Why did He ask the question when many people would answer, “I did.”

But Jesus wanted to make a strong connection with the person who was healed. Never think that Jesus is only interested in the company of presidents, the Seminary professors, or the preachers in large churches. He dearly loves ordinary people.

Here we witness the gentle sensitivity of our Lord as He insists on meeting and speaking with the healed person. What a wonderful moment for the woman as she received such special attention by the Master. How thrilled she must have been. Yet, we are told that she trembled at being centred out. With all humility she bowed down and confessed she deliberately touched the Teacher in an effort to be healed. She also assured Jesus and the astonished crowd that she was indeed healed of her affliction.

This marvellous story concluded with Jesus assuring the woman that her faith in Him was the instrument that produced the healing. He encouraged her to go her way in peace.

Perhaps you need to draw near to Jesus today and in faith reach out and touch Him. You can touch Jesus today through prayer and reading the Scriptures—especially the Gospels. Believe that Jesus can forgive your sin—that He can comfort and strengthen you for the work of the day. Call out to Him to do for you what He did for the woman so long ago. He will stop and speak to you today if you touch Him in prayer and reading of Scripture. Be as wise as the woman and come to Jesus today.

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