Hearing About Jesus

“When she heard about Jesus,
she came up behind him in the crowd and touched his cloak,
because she thought, ‘If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed.’”
Mark 5:27-28 (NIV)

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Recently we began to get a daily newspaper for a price we could not resist. Now I spend 15-20 minutes each morning after breakfast catching up on the news of the world. Whatever I read I understand that it is the point of view of the reporter—or his newspaper—that I am getting. President Obama may not be as disturbed—about the lack of support the various nations are giving to his plans to intervene in Syria—as the reporter suggests. He may be quite calm, but that does not sell newspapers, so the editor must add some fiction to spice up the story.

Or the editor might feature a story he likes on the first page and bury a more significant story farther into the newspaper. All serious students of society know that news reports of events round the world are shaped to the prejudices and opinions of the reporter.

The woman referred to in our verses today had evidently heard some reports of Jesus being able to heal the sick and even raise the dead. These reports gave her hope for her own medical issue. However, she demonstrated humility. She did not approach Jesus directly and speak to Him, but instead she simply had faith that if she touched His clothing she would be healed.

When she did touch Jesus’ garment she was indeed healed. This incident has encouragement for us in our difficult times in life. We learn here that the reports we hear about Jesus provide us with incentive to come to Him for provision of our own needs.

The question is, “Where do we hear reports about Jesus”? Well, there are numerous sources of information about Jesus. The most important place to learn about the Saviour is the Bible. If you need a Bible we would be pleased to provide one without charge. Simply email us and give us your address and one will go out in the mail shortly.

The next place to get reports about Jesus is in a Bible believing church. There you will hear sermons that describe Jesus. The hymns and choruses sung will also give you reason for hope. Or it may be that when the church celebrates communion you will hear the voice of the Lord. Sometimes talking to some of the Christians before or after the service will provide you with hope. Then, in reviewing your own personal history of dealing with Jesus, you will be inspired to come to Him for your present needs.

Whatever way you listen for the voice of Jesus, be intent like the woman in our verses. Draw near in faith—believing Jesus is there—and pay attention to the Bible especially as you come to Him. Jesus is waiting to hear from you today. Come and come now.

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