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“Therefore, I tell you,
her many sins have been forgiven—
as her great love has shown.
But whoever has been forgiven little loves little.”
Luke 7:47 (NIV)

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One of the popular topics of discussion in newspapers and over coffee is the matter of the rising debt load many people as well as governments carry in the 21st century. Last fall a Canadian newspaper reported that nearly two million Canadian university graduates owed 20 billion dollars in student loans. Now, a year later, the debt load has grown. The U.S.A.’s debt load is estimated by some financial analysts at 70 trillion dollars.

Yet few people stop to consider the debt load we all carry with our Creator. People do not ask themselves why they exist and what do we owe the God Who made us. Yet this question is of the greatest significance. There is nothing as important as recognizing our debt to God and nothing is as little understood or considered.

The woman referred to in our verse today had been carrying a heavy load of sin. In a way not disclosed in the Bible, she had come to Jesus and He had removed the entire debt of her sin and she was now forgiven.

She had come to Jesus as He was having a meal at the home of Simon, a Pharisee. Apparently no one there knew of her conversion to faith in Jesus except Jesus and her. She was making a public statement of her love for the Lord by washing His feet and anointing them with perfume.

Jesus then made this public declaration that her great debt of sin had been absolved, removed, forgiven. To have this burden removed produced tremendous love and appreciation in her for her Saviour. This is why she came with her gift for the Lord. Jesus can and does redeem the greatest of sinners and He very willingly owns them as His sheep in public.

When someone becomes a Christian their debt of sin is removed. So, regardless of how much money you owe to anyone, your greatest debt has been removed because of your faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. If you have not come in repentance and faith to Jesus be confident that regardless of how great your debt to God He is willing to redeem you.

I was unable to source the author of these words but they express the truth I wish my readers to ponder and enjoy. Jesus is the complete Saviour. We cannot add anything to what He has done. He accomplished the entire work of redemption for His people.

I had a debt I could not pay,
He paid the debt He did not owe,
I needed someone, To wash my sins away…
Christ Jesus paid the debt, That I could never pay.

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