Seeing Jesus

“Then the disciple whom Jesus loved said to Peter,
‘It is the Lord!’”
John 21:7 (NIV)

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For much of my adult life I have had experiences that remind me vividly of my father. For example, I will be shopping for tires for my car and the poor salesman will despair of my many questions. But when I was a boy my father took me with him when he was looking for tires for the family car. I learned much from him about tread depth, rubber compounds for tires, and what is the best tread design to prevent hydroplaning—when driving at highway speeds and you suddenly hit a rain puddle.

I did not set out to imitate my father. In fact during my teen years I was a typical young person who thought my father did not know anything. I thought that I was more knowledgeable about the important things in life.

During our formative years as children and young adults we can be subconsciously influenced by those around us. Such was the case with the disciples who walked with Jesus for 3 1/2 years. Certainly the brilliant, thoughtful apostle John learned much about the ways of his Lord. His memories of the many situations he had with Jesus served him well in the story in John 21. The disciples had not caught any fish the night before and as they wearily came to shore someone started talking to them. John immediately began to see how this experience matched an experience they had several years before.

He recalled that at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry He met them one morning after they had not caught any fish. At that time, as in this situation, the disciples were asked to throw the net over the side of the boat to catch some fish. John may have recalled other details that were common to both scenes. However he figured it out—he made the connection and realized that Jesus acted just like the man on shore several years earlier and deduced it was Jesus once again.

His comment to Peter is what I wish us to remember today. John knew the Saviour in a way that Peter did not. John saw Jesus in all the issues of life. Peter needed a nudge from John to realize that the Saviour himself was in the situation they were experiencing right then.

You and I need to look for signs of the Lord being with us regardless of how painful or difficult the issue is before us. John was blessed for recognizing the power of the living Saviour and we will be too when we begin seeing Him in all the issues of our lives.

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