The Lord’s Day

“On the first day of the week we came together to break bread.”
Acts 20:7 (NIV)

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A coincidence happens when two things occur at the same time without anyone arranging for them to happen together. We speak of a coincidence happening when our car breaks down just as we passed by the dealership where we bought the car.

For some years I thought it was simply a coincidence that Christians gather weekly on the day Jesus rose from the dead and celebrated the Lord’s Supper. Then the Holy Spirit brought to my attention that He guides the thoughts and actions of His people in all ages. The infant church was gently guided by the Lord into a practice of celebrating the death of Jesus on the day He rose from the dead. Thus two great truths of Christianity were brought together.

As believers we have come to believe that Jesus died for us specifically. We are convinced that when Jesus died on the cross we were there and died with Him. We are persuaded He acted on our behalf and in our place as our representative.

Then, we also believe that Jesus rose bodily from the dead because the debt of sin was fully discharged by Him on behalf of His people. Death could not hold Him any longer. The price for our redemption was fully paid. Those two great acts, dying and rising from the dead, represent the full redemption Jesus accomplished on the behalf of sinners.

It is no coincidence that we break bread on the Lord’s Day. It is fitting that we do both things together. Next Lord’s Day, when you gather with the Lord’s people to worship, praise, and fellowship with the saints, keep in mind why you do that on this specific day of the week.

We do not worship on Sunday because it is a day we have off from work and so it is convenient to gather on that day. Remind yourself next Lord’s Day of why this day is special, say, “This is Resurrection Day, the first day of the week, and I go to the house of Him Who laid down His life and rose again for me.”

Isaiah 53:11 is very precious to me as I reflect on the truth that Jesus died in my place. There we read,

“He shall see of the travail of His soul and be satisfied.”

Whenever our Lord calls to mind His dreadful suffering He says to Himself, “My people were worth it. I will never regret dying in their place.”

Think about Jesus’ satisfaction at the enormous price He paid for you. That is how much He treasures you today. The Breaking of Bread happening on the Lord’s Day is no coincidence. God planned them to meet that day. Make Sunday the high day of the week for you and your family. We have so much to celebrate! It will take eternity to complete the celebration of our redemption.

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