Payday Someday

“Do not say, ‘I’ll pay you back for this wrong!’
Wait for the Lord, and he will deliver you.”
Proverbs 20:22

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Robert G. Lee was pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee from December, 1927 until April 10, 1960. He preached a famous sermon Payday Someday over 1,000 times. The main point of the sermon was that God does call people to account for their actions someday.

I well recall hearing him preach the sermon in Sarnia in the 1960’s. It was spellbinding to hear him even though he had already preached it several hundred times by then.

Some of my readers may be people who have had a very painful disservice done to them—a trust has been broken; your reputation has been shredded by lies; your good intentions have been twisted into something you never meant; you have been misquoted deliberately. On it goes the ways in which people can deliberately hurt us.

We are tempted to plan our revenge upon the evil ones who did this mischief. Just to think about how we might retaliate brings some degree of pleasure. If we are truly followers of Jesus, we know in advance that the luxury of “getting even” is too expensive for us to afford. We are called on to leave the matter with the Lord and He will repay the evil doers.

When we have submitted or “resigned” ourselves to the will of God and simply let the matter go we can easily become bitter and have hate fill our hearts. It is important that we never let anyone so control us that they cause us to “hate” them. Do not let anyone take charge of your emotions other than yourself.

The really terrifying thing is that God will pay back everyone who does evil in this world. We must see that God is just and sin will be punished regardless of who causes the sin to occur. God’s hand of justice is even—He does not have favourites whose sin He ignores. Every sin that is committed in every generation will be punished.

This equity of punishment can alarm us as we realize that we, too, have sinned. Certainly those who sin against us will be called to account some day but we too shall be called to account for our own sins whatever they are. Only if we solicit Jesus to be our Advocate can we escape the just judgment of God. It is a matter that either we shall bear the eternal punishment for our sins or else Jesus has.

Have you been able to get past the hurt of being sinned against to where you can see that you too in other ways have fallen short of God’s requirements? Can you let go of the idea of seeking revenge for wrong doing against you and see that you have done wrong against God and stand in need of forgiveness?

When you come to this place of revelation from God, turn to Him with all your heart and pray for forgiveness for your own sins and then pray for your enemies as Jesus did that they too may be forgiven.

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