Beauty In Tears

“…weeping may stay for the night,
but rejoicing comes in the morning.”
Psalm 30:5 (NIV)

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Today we think again of the benefit of tears in life. When some sorrow attacks us it is psychologically good to shed tears. In fact we will certainly weep if we are mentally healthy.

As a young child 8-9 years of age I fought my mother over the matter of family devotions. She had tried several times to institute the practice of daily Scripture reading and prayer as a family. I fought it with all my might. I vividly recall the last time my godly mother tried to get the family involved in this practice.

I made such a fuss that she quietly dismissed us from the table. After we all left she sat there gently weeping for a long time. I happened by the open kitchen door and witnessed her sorrow that evening. I did have enough of a conscience to wince at her obvious distress. Alas I did not have enough sorrow over the grief I caused my mother to ask forgiveness.

It is interesting that Scripture speaks of the season of weeping that will overcome us from time to time as God’s people. Often there is attached to the statement of weeping for sorrow a note of triumph that the time for weeping is short, and joy inevitably follows for the child of God.

What a tragedy that the lost have their joy in this life and are given an eternity of sorrow that follows. It is just the opposite to the Christian experience.

Did Christ o’er sinners weep, And shall our cheeks be dry?
Let floods of penitential grief, Burst forth from every eye.

The Son of God in tears, Angels with wonder see!
Be thou astonished, O my soul! He shed those tears for thee.

He wept that we might weep; Each sin demands a tear:
In heaven alone, no sin is found, And there’s no weeping there.

Benjamin Beddome (1717-1795)

My mother wept bitterly that day but her tears were seen by her Father in heaven. Before he died my older brother had a very quiet but real conversion to faith in the Lord Jesus,  and Mom lived to witness it. She and he now walk the streets of gold. Her son who disrupted her vain efforts so long ago now has preached Christ for almost 50 years. Her daughter is also a faithful follower of Jesus and worships in a fine evangelical church.

She sowed in tears and now, in heaven, reaps with joy (Psalm 126:5). Christian friend, keep shedding tears over your lost loved ones. The Lord sees beauty in sincere tears of sorrow over the lost and shall answer your prayers in His time.

To Him there is music in a groan and beauty in a tear.
The humblest supplicant cannot fail to have his needs supplied
Since He for sinners intercedes who once for sinners died.

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