The Power of Innuendo

“If he were not a criminal
we would not have handed him over to you.”
John 18:30 (NIV)

Gordon Rumford Ministries Daily Devotional - The power of innuendo

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I remember the situation as though it was yesterday. The leadership of a certain organization to which my friend  belonged had decided he had to go. It was their idea that he had done something wrong and tarnished the good name of the group.

A public announcement was made to the members telling them he had done something wrong. However, they did not tell him or the other people what it was exactly that he had done wrong. Imaginations ran wild as people tried to think of what the foul deed was that now tarnished his record.

Have you ever had innuendo spread about your reputation? Have people implied that you were to blame in a certain situation but in blaming you they left out the detail of how you were implicated? What a sorry situation to be robbed of your reputation and not to have your accusers name the reason for falsely accusing you.

Jesus was in exactly that position as the Jews brought Him before the Roman governor and asked for the death penalty to be given to Jesus.

Pilate wanted to know the crime that merited the death penalty and, at first, Jesus’ accusers were unwilling to state it. After all, the Romans were not concerned about a person who went around calling himself God or trying to act as God. They would just dismiss the person as mad.

In Jewish society it was blasphemy to call yourself God and it merited the death penalty in Jesus’ day. So the people who wished Jesus dead had to fudge the situation in order to get rid of Jesus. They used innuendo. That is, they did not tell the reason, they just implied that something really bad was done by the accused.

Perhaps you have found yourself in a similar situation. People suggest you have been a bad parent to have your child turn out as they have. Or else they say you must have been a poor spouse in order to have your partner leave. They cannot come up with a specific reason for their accusation, they just intimate your guilt in the matter.

Well, God has been placed in the same situation—if you think about it. Some of His children have behaved in sinful ways.

Peter denying Jesus (John 18:15-27), or having to be rebuked in public by Paul (Galatians 2:11-16). Or King David in the Old Testament committing adultery and murder (2 Samuel 11:1-27).

Was God a bad parent in order for His children to act in this manner? Again, God divorced Israel (Jeremiah 3:8) and who would accuse Him of being a sinful spouse to the nation?

So if you have difficulties in your life where people gossip and say things against you wrongly, remember the One Who created you. He could be accused of wrong doing because of His people’s actions as well.

In the case of Jesus, everything He said and did was right yet He was accused.

If you have been falsely accused, as Jesus was, come to Him and seek comfort. He understands what it is like to have lies spoken against Him. He can comfort as no other can. Come and come today.

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