Truth Tried & Triumphant

By , November 25, 2015

Truth, Tried and Triumphant

In a Greek exegesis class in 1965 Gordon Rumford discovered that in John 18:8 Jesus actually commanded the arresting officers to let His followers go! In other words, Jesus told the police what they could and could not do. In being taken captive, the Lord Jesus takes captive His captors.

Taking this truth as a template, Gordon laid it over the various subsequent scenes to see how they too demonstrated that our Lord controlled and triumphed in every situation right up to the moment He dismissed His spirit in death on the cross.

Using this lens to sharpen the bible-reader’s focus on the Savior, Gordon explores how much there is to marvel at, and how much cause for worship and praise to come from the reader’s lips.

You are invited to join Gordon on his journey in the Gospels from the Upper Room to Golgotha and to fall in love with your Lord and your God all over again.

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In John’s vision of heavenly worship in Revelation 5, we hear the heavenly throng declaring that the death of Jesus was in fact a powerful act that redeemed an uncountably great multitude. Gordon Rumford’s book describing that passion of our Lord helps us to see that what looked like an experience of a helpless man was actually the deliberate obedience of the only man who could control his own destiny. Providing the cultural details that underlie the narrative, the book causes the story of Jesus’ passion to come alive in many ways. This is a fresh narration of the suffering of the one who loved us and gave himself for us, and the author deserves our thanks for his fresh retelling of the story that never grows old.

Dr. Stan Fowler

In Truth Tried and Triumphant, Gordon Rumford combines his interest in history and his love for the Lord in an exploration of the last hours of Jesus’ ministry on behalf of humanity. His facility with language and attention to detail bring freshness to a subject with which most Christians are already quite familiar. He has drawn together interesting historical facts and cultural details to help the reader understand nuances in the gospel record that might otherwise be overlooked. Readers in the early centuries of the Christian movement would have immediately caught these subtleties from the text, but time and trends have clouded them for us.

The book’s accessible style allows the reader to proceed quickly from chapter to chapter, yet its depth and breadth encourage them to go slowly and savour the insights. The probing questions at the end of each chapter provide an opportunity for personal reflection and application—prompting the reader to consider both cultural assumptions and personal complacency. If read as intended, Truth Tried and Triumphant will not only inform your mind and deepen your devotion, but will actually promote your being more like its subject.

Read this book if you enjoy having your mind stretched and your heart touched.

Ron Hughes

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