By , August 15, 2018

“But godliness with contentment is great gain”
1 Timothy 6:6 (NIV)

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We see all around us people dissatisfied with life and who strive for more and more. They never sense they have enough of material goods. One English billionaire was being interviewed and the person put a question to the man. “You could spend a million dollars a week and your fortune would still grow. How much is enough?” The man responded, “Just a little more.” That is the epitome of a malcontent.

Having had the honour to go to one of the poorest nations on earth to preach, teach, and encourage the Lord’s people, I came away having learned more than I gave to them. I witnessed churches that met in huts, the congregation sat on benches, they were very poorly dressed but they were the epitome of contentment. They sang for the longest time with beaming faces. As I preached the unsearchable riches of Christ they leaned forward on the benches to soak in every word, faces radiant. I had to preach for an hour and a half at their request. They could not get enough of Christ. I was put to shame for my times of being discontented with my lot in life.

Perhaps the most insidious spiritual disease we have in the western church is that of materialism. We are a consumer driven society. Everywhere we look we find ads that call to us to buy this product or that if we wish true happiness. As we listen to the radio or watch TV we are bombarded with seducing ads that make us malcontents until we purchase the ad’s product.

Attending the Lord’s house each week, fellowship with godly believers, daily reading the Bible and prayer help us immensely to see what is of real significance in life. We are not here to satisfy our own desires of the flesh—we are here to glorify God and enjoy Him forever as the Westminster Shorter Catechism boldly declares.

Do you take pleasure in God’s company? Is it your delight to read Scripture and understand what it says about your Creator? Do you revel in the Gospels and drink in the stories of Jesus? Do you find prayer a joy to your heart as you journey through the day? Do you find yourself thinking one or two sentence prayers as the day goes by? Are you thanking God all the time for mercies and grace that attend you hour by hour, moment by moment? Or do all these questions confuse you and you think I am writing in a foreign language?

I beg you to ponder what I say and turn to your Bible, read from the Psalms, read the Gospels starting with John’s Gospel. Try to form a short prayer of praise and thanksgiving. Seek the Lord with all your heart and He will marvelously make himself known to you. Then and only then will you find the precious treasure of contentment. Come to Him and come today.

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