“What Should I Do?”

By , September 11, 2018

“Then Abraham said to his young men,
‘Stay here with the donkey;
I and the boy will go over there and worship
and come again to you.’”
Genesis 22:5 (ESV)

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We have seen that the first thing Abraham did when confronted with the Lord’s confusing command to sacrifice his beloved son Isaac was to obey. We can only imagine what it cost him to pack things up and get going to the place God had appointed for the sacrifice. We read that he got started early the day after getting the command from God. We believe he slept little that night before getting started so in one way going early was likely easy. In another way his obedience to the Lord broke his heart.

The second thing Abraham did when God’s mysterious ways went counter to all of his instincts was to worship the God he did not understand. Why would Abraham want to draw near to the God Who was causing him unbelievable pain and suffering? How could Abraham offer praise to the Lord when the Lord had demanded Abraham’s most precious possession, his son Isaac? What had Abraham done to deserve this disaster? It did not make sense to him no matter how long and hard he examined the matter.

Many times in my pastoral ministry I have witnessed people who suffer much deciding to give up attendance at the house of God and draw away from Christian fellowship. Some of them have heard people challenge their faith by asking them, “Where is your God now?”

Have you withdrawn from the house of God? When life turned sour did you walk away from your duty to worship and praise the God Who created your pain and suffering? Isn’t it time to return to where you know you should be and offer the Lord the praise He still deserves.

I recall attending the funeral of a dear young lady in her early thirties. She lived at home and was the apple of her father’s eye. I sat near the back and looked to the front row when the heart broken father sat. Each time we sang a hymn the grieving father looked up to the ceiling and sang with all his heart the hymns of worship and praise to his Creator who had taken the life of his daughter. That man did not realize how my heart was blessed by his submission and acceptance of the Lord’s providence.

May you have grace to day to submit to the Lord, humbly move forward in obedience to Him, and worship and praise Him when you do not understand Him.

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