The Importance Of Fathers

By , May 11, 2019

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”
Psalm 14:1 NIV

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Recently I read a book on the psychology of atheism. It is a fascinating portrayal of world famous atheists and their home life growing up.

It seems most of these atheists had a poor relationship with their father if indeed a father was at home. Angry fathers, fathers that deserted the child and his mother, fathers who died when the child was very young, and so on.

Relationships that were abnormal seem to have influenced these great thinkers profoundly.

On the other hand the author, a professor of psychology, demonstrates that leading defenders of Christianity had healthy father-son relationships growing up. It is fascinating how these two realities parallel each other.

As I observe some of these evangelical atheists defend atheism, it is easy to observe hostility and anger in their speech. Some, indeed, are vitriolic in their expressions of hatred toward the belief in any kind of God whatever.

We know that as Christians we are to model the character of the Lord in our lives so our children can look at us and see something of the character of God in our behaviour. Perhaps the most wonderful modeling is the relationship between husband and wife and Christ and the church.

Our children ought to see self-sacrifice in their father as he cares for their mother. The way their father speaks with love and tenderness to their mother also examples how Christ relates to the church.

Anyone who has seen Jesus in their father’s behaviour has seen God the Father. Jesus said (John 14:9),

“Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father.”

It is so important for parents to remember always that they are being watched by their children, and some of life’s most important lessons are taught by example and not by words. So often actions do speak louder than words.

Look at your own behaviour today and consider what your actions are saying about the Saviour you profess to serve. Be truthful in your self-judgment and may the Lord Himself guide you into any behaviour modifications necessary to align your profession with your life style.

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