The Glory Of God

By , May 14, 2019

The heavens declare the glory of God,
and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.
Psalm 19:1 ESV

Gordon Rumford Ministries - Daily Devotional

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I have always been fascinated with astronomy and love to read articles that describe the wonders of the heavens. The universe around us gives us some conception of the majesty, the glory, the power of the Lord.

Feeble though the witness is, there is something to be learned through a study of the stars and planets.

The Sun’s power (about 386 billion billion mega Watts) is produced by nuclear fusion reactions. Each second about 700,000,000 tons of hydrogen are converted to about 695,000,000 tons of helium and 5,000,000 tons (=3.86e33 ergs) of energy in the form of gamma rays.

Left to itself our sun will not burn out for several billion years.

It seems incredible that the sun has such a large mass that it will take so long for it to burn out. Nothing in our world lasts for more than a few years. People live for 70+ years but those in their 90’s are a rare group of people. Animals are not as long-lived as humans usually.

To think of how much fuel is consumed every second by the sun and to multiply that by billions of years is beyond comprehension.

What is the Creator like if what He creates is this vast? David did not know what we do about the volume of fuel the sun consumes every second but—even from his rather primitive understanding of astronomy—he realized that space is enormous and gives eloquent testimony to the glory and wonder of our God.

Look up to the heavens tonight—and try to have a place where there is little manmade light. Look at the thousands of stars you can see. Imagine a powerful telescope allowing you to see millions of stars. Yet there are countless billions of stars you do not see.

Do you not find yourself lost in wonder, love and praise for the One Who put all that together for your pleasure, and to give you some small idea of how great and powerful He is?

Yet, for all the glory of the creation, we must say that the recreation of a sinner into the image of Jesus Christ is by far the greater wonder and glory of this world. For God to awaken the spiritually dead and speak life to sinners defies analysis.

Redemption must lead all other definitions of the Creator and be His primary reason for praise. Thank God today that you have been called from darkness to light and the power that raised Jesus from the dead works in you eternal salvation.

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