Real Peace

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I am giving to you:
not as the world gives do I give to you.
Stop letting your hearts trouble you, and stop being afraid.”
John 14:27

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An organization in New York City that is called “The United Nations” is anything but “united”. The various members are secretly spying on each other and some are even at war with each other. So much for calling themselves “United”.

Some families act as though other family members were the enemy and not family. Some people are at secret warfare with fellow employees or their bosses. The only reason they do not declare an all out war is because they desperately need the job.

Other people are at war with their situations in life. They express anger at their low pay and poor housing. They wish they could drive a newer car or a more expensive vehicle. They have troubled hearts and are secretly afraid of their situation in life.

Jesus calls on His people to calm their troubled hearts and promises them a peace that is beyond anything the world has to offer. He promises to send the Holy Spirit, the Comforter Who will bring to their remembrance all of Jesus’ teaching. The Holy Spirit is the one called alongside to strengthen, counsel, guide, teach, and act exactly like Jesus Himself.

What more do we need to strengthen ourselves and keep us calm in the midst of life’s many trials and temptations? As the Holy Spirit does His work in our hearts He reminds us of our true home in heaven so we may be content with a humble home here on earth.

Spend some time reading the great promises in John 14-17 and other wonderful sections of the Bible and let your faith be strengthened as you see how richly the Saviour has provided for you.

Find you heart quickened with excitement at your future prospects by reading Revelation 21, 22.

How inexpressibly glorious is the future of all believers when finally eternity dawns and we are freed from the shackles of this cursed, shattered old world. What inexpressibly glorious things await us in the Lord’s immediate presence.

Look up Christian friend and be at peace with your present lot in life as you consider the riches that await us in heaven where our Lord Himself is the centerpiece. Be at peace with the present because of the glorious future that is ours in Christ Jesus.

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