Hide And Go Seek

“…those that seek me early shall find me.”
Proverbs 8:17 KJV

As a child I recall endless times of playing the game “hide and go seek”. The game required nothing by way of props, and provided endless entertainment for us.

In the Christian’s pilgrimage from this life to heaven there can be occasions when it seems God has hidden Himself and mocks us by crying, “Come find Me.”

In Job 13:24 the poor man Job cries out to God in his agony, “Why do you hide your face from me and regard me as your enemy?” The man seems to sense that God has hidden Himself from His servant. Initially Job held on to his sense of God being with him, but as the sorrow escalated he stumbled and made this cry.

Indeed the Lord had drawn back His protective shield from the man. Job was feeling the malignant fury of hell for a moment. What could he do in such sorrow? What can we do when storms howl furiously around us and all seems lost? The Psalmist gives a clue as to what is possible in spite of the dreadful realities around the child of God. Psalm 42:8

“Why are you cast down my soul, why are you restless?
Hope in the Lord for His help will soon come.”

Even though our lives may be darkened by Satan’s storms, we should still look for God to intervene. We have the story of Job with which to comfort ourselves. Job spent months(?) in a pitiful state and totally lost his way spiritually. Yet in the end the Lord brought him through to glorious vindication.

Job was finally given justice for all the trauma that occurred against him through Satan and Job’s “comforters”. Job received double what he had before the assaults by Satan. God rebuked Job’s evil comforters and vindicated His servant before them all.

When we suffer unjustly, it is then that we may seek the Lord. When we think He may be playing hide and seek with us, bring the promise of today’s verse to Him in prayer and plead for its performance. Call out strongly and humbly urge the Lord to keep His covenant with you as He Himself has promised. He shall surely hear you. He is as good as His word. Come to Him and come now.

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