Secret Fears

“What I feared has come upon me;
what I dreaded has happened to me”
Job 3:25 NIV

Most people have secret fears that they only disclose when they have to. For example, some people are afraid of elevators. Some fear death. Others have a secret fear of doctors. Whatever it is, we have thoughts of possible tragedies that can easily haunt us or—to put it into Job’s words—we “fear” and “dread” them.

It seems impossible to believe that a man so fabulously wealthy could fear anything. His great wealth would cover any alternative that would come to him. But what was it that caused Job to have these times of being afraid? What did Job consider in the future that would bring “dread” into his heart?

From reading his story the things that happened to Job included: the loss of wealth (Job 1:13-17), children (Job 1:18-19), health (Job 2:7-8), the sense of his suffering being “unreasonable” (Job 2:3), and his wife’s support (Job 2:9-10). Take your pick, any one of these five things would be enough to cause anxiety to the best of Christians if we considered them.

Never think that your neighbour—who appears to have everything going for him/her—does not have anxiety about the future. It is easier to put on a happy face than it is to calm our inner fears.

Certain judgmental people would criticize Job for having these fears, but God says of Job,

“There is no one on earth like him;
he is blameless and upright,
a man who fears God and shuns evil.”

How can anyone say negative things about Job when God praises him so highly?

God knows we all have thoughts that cause us “dread” and make us “fear”. The Lord still loves us and cares for us in every situation. His chosen people are His treasure, and though He may lead us over rocky ways, we are still His beloved treasure and He holds Satan by a short leash.

Whatever your secret fears are today, remember that the final chapter has not yet been written in your story. Pray as the father of the sick child did, Mark 9:24 NIV

“I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”

Be sure of this, the Lord desires to help you as He helped that father so long ago. He is waiting to hear from you. Come to Him and come now.

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