Praying For Each Other

“I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ,
the glorious Father,
may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation,
so that you may know him better.”
Ephesians 1:17 NIV

I have heard more “God bless” prayers than I needed to hear. Even as a young Christian I had trouble with prayers where a Christian would say, “God bless this missionary and that one. Lord we remember so and so.”

I often wondered which specific blessing was being asked for when such a prayer was offered. Or when someone prayed and “remembered” a person but did not ask the Lord for anything I was confused.

Why do we make such weak and ineffective prayers? Where do we find warrant in Scripture for such expressions? Could this not be a reason why our prayers seem so ineffective at times?

When you read today’s text it is clear exactly what it is that Paul wishes God to give the Christians. He desires that his readers be given a “Spirit of wisdom and revelation”. Paul then speaks of why he desired these things for the believers at Ephesus. He said that having these things would enable them to know the Lord “better”.

Consider your prayer life for others and ask yourself if you really specify exactly what you wish for others or do you simply say, “God bless the missionaries.” Do you give the Lord reasons why the thing you request would be good for the ones you pray for?

Another wonderful prayer to consider when seeking to improve your prayer life for others is in John 17.

It would do you good to take pen and paper and write down all the specific things our Lord asked the Father for when He prayed for His people. Jesus asked for one thing three times. Repetition like that makes the request very emphatic.

This exercise would greatly enhance your prayer life and make it a more enjoyable and exciting time in your daily routine. You would learn what it is that Jesus wants His people to have. You cannot do better than to pray for one another as Jesus did.

As a mother or father delights to hear the voice of their children, so our Father in heaven loves to hear us in prayer. Be very certain of this and your prayer life will be enriched greatly. Your Father in heaven waits to hear from you. Come to Him and come now.

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