“Lord, You Did It Before”

“Now, Lord our God,
who brought your people out of Egypt
with a mighty hand and who made for yourself a name
that endures to this day…”
Daniel 9:15 (NIV)

Children are well equipped to argue with their parents. When they want to win the argument, they search their memories to try and find a situation where mom or dad allowed their brother or sister to do what they wish to do. For example, they might argue, “You let Billy stay up to watch the end of the game, why can’t I?” Children know they have a strong plea for receiving what they want.

This is a favourite argument of lawyers in a court of law. The argument is based on a precedent. The court is informed that the judgment the lawyer seeks was ruled by an earlier court in favour of his position.

Daniel wants his people released from captivity and argues his case on the precedent of the Lord releasing His people from the Egyptian captivity hundreds of years earlier. How can the Lord deny His servant if He had already done what Daniel wants?

When you come up against a stubborn roadblock stop and look for a precedent in your own life, in the life of another believer, or in Scripture. Then ask the Lord to do it again, this time for you.

“Thou art coming to a King,
large petitions with thee bring,
for His grace and power are such
none can ever ask too much.”

-John Newton

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