Worship As Honour

Then the man bowed down and worshiped the Lord,
Genesis 24:26 (NIV)

“He [Jesus] withdrew about a stone’s throw beyond them,
knelt down and prayed,”
Luke 22:41 (NIV)

We live in tumultuous times. The pandemic has devastated the world and brought nations to their knees. Scientists have worked diligently to discover and test a vaccine for use in the battle against this invisible and lethal enemy. Several different vaccines have been approved by various countries and the medicine is now being given to the public. Also, the world has been shocked at the riot in Washington, D.C. January 6, 2021 as Donald Trump’s followers stormed the Capitol building. We indeed, live in remarkable times.

People around the world are longing for security that the world seems unable to give. Deep in the human heart is a great need for Someone to be in control of our chaotic world. Hence worship of the Lord is a natural activity for many people, and it satisfies a profound concern.

Looking at today’s verses we see one aspect of biblical worship. The one offering worship bows before the One being worshipped. Such a physical act denotes appropriate humility and subjection by the worshipper. This explains why some people get down on their knees to pray. For many centuries, churches have had kneeling benches across the back of each row of pews. At appropriate times during the service worshippers fold the benches down and knee on them instead of the floor. This is a wonderful way to show honour to our great God and Saviour as we worship.

So, the physical act of bowing or kneeling has been in use for thousands of years when people worship, or at least during certain times during worship. It is wonderful that we even have record of the Lord Jesus kneeling when He prayed (Luke 22:41).

We can kneel at home or in church when we pray, we can bow our heads when we pray, and these physical actions accompanied by true humility of heart are acceptable to our Father in heaven. These actions are aspects of worship should not be lightly ignored but rather engaged in thoughtfully and with thanksgiving that we can know and worship the one true and living God.

I encourage you to follow Jesus’ example and bow before your Father in heaven as you pray to Him today. Come to Him and come now.

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