The User’s Guide To Life

“Direct me in the path of your commands,
for there I find delight.”
Psalm 119:35 (NIV)

Most devices we buy come with a book or booklet for the new owner to read. The book is written by the company who designed the product and so they know best how to get the most out of the product. However, many of us try using the item prior to reading the owner’s manual. For example, when we buy a car, we already know enough to look for the ignition switch, the transmission lever, the driver’s seat adjustment and so on. Some of us must confess we have owned a new car for months and never laid eyes on the car’s manual in the glove compartment.

The same odd behaviour prevails when it comes to how we live, plan our future, make important decisions and so on. It is sad but many of us do not consult the “User’s Guide To Life”—our Bible. It is not often that a church business meeting sees the chairperson call a halt to the discussion, open the Bible, and say that the portion about to be read clearly speaks to the matter at hand. This procedure of bringing Scripture into the discussion requires a person with a solid knowledge of Scripture. Various places in the Gospels we see Jesus using the Bible to address an issue. For example, He used Scripture very effectively to answer Satan’s temptations.

If you are facing a serious issue, it is time to consult with a leader in your Christian community and ask them to direct you to appropriate Scripture that speaks clearly to your specific issue or else speaks to it in principle.

Finding answers in the Bible brings “delight” according to the Psalmist. There is always joy in fulfilling our created purpose. It just makes sense to learn why God made us and His teaching on the way to live, the resources He will provide us along the way, how to be restored when we stumble, and a glimpse into our eternal homeland.

Do you treasure your Bible as you should? Do you open it daily and read some of its contents to inspire and give you hope for the day? Is it truly your “user’s guide for life”? Every time you read a portion of the written Word look for the living Word and the Holy Spirit shall enable you to see wonderful things. Pray the following brief prayer just before opening your Bible and may you be especially blessed today as you read its sacred pages.

“Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law”

Psalm 119:18 (NIV)

Holy Bible, book divine,
Precious treasure, thou art mine;
Mine to tell me whence I came,
Mine to teach me what I am;

Mine to chide me when I rove;
Mine to show a Savior’s love;
Mine thou art to guide and guard;
Mine to punish or reward;

Mine to comfort in distress,
Suffering in this wilderness;
Mine to show by living faith,
Man can triumph over death;

Mine to tell of joys to come,
And the rebel sinner’s doom;
O thou holy book divine,
Precious treasure, thou art mine

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