What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

“That I may know Him”
Philippians 3:10 (KJV)

Do you recall in your youth that your parents’ friends would politely ask you what you wanted to be when you grew up? I remember such questions as though they were yesterday. I loathed such questions because I thought it was obvious that a child would not have a clue where they would end up in the work-a-day-world. However, I had been well groomed in the social graces by my parents so I just smiled and said anything that came into my head.

In all my life I have only known one person who knew exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up and stayed with his decision. He was only about 4 years old when he decided.  He wanted to be a paramedic.

All through his growing years he took advantage of every possible means to further his goal of being the first to address the critical needs of a patient. He had what it took to be anything he desired yet he never deviated from his goal. As his father I tried once to get him to look at other allied professions but quit after one effort as I hit a brick wall. It was his life so I decided he should choose.

When we become adults we sometimes decide we made the wrong choice of a profession and seek to change careers. Or we choose something that was far from our minds when we were young. When I was in high school I loved math and physics and they were always my best subjects. History was my worst subject because I thought only odd people wanted to know all about dead people and things that happened long ago and that did not matter.

So what did I study in university? History of course! It was my worst subject in high school but soon I came to love it and I filled my mind with the things I had previously ignored except to get a pass on the exam.

Paul was a man who wanted to practice the faith of his fathers and he hated Christians whom he saw as deviant from the true faith. Then he met Jesus and what he had hated he now loved. Our verse sums up the true ambition of every believer in Jesus. We want to know Him.

Now, remember that we have already defined what it means to know someone as far as a Jew like Paul would use the term. Paul meant by this term that he craved the experience of having Jesus walk with him through life. He wished the society of Jesus, to hear His voice, to know His will for his life, and to introduce others to Him.

What is your foremost ambition in life? Think for a moment and try to answer honestly. What do you most desire in this world? For the Christian they would give up health, wealth, fame, and everything else that this world offers, just to have the presence of Jesus in their lives. Would this express your greatest desire in life as well? Are you willing to pass on the great things of this life if you could have Jesus forever?

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