Wired For Eternity

“He has put eternity in their hearts”
Ecclesiastes 3:11

A detail common to different faith systems is the belief in immortality. This sense that we were made to live forever is a very common element in religions around the world. Our text for today tells us that it is God Who has etched eternity into the hearts of people.

For many people death seems to be the doorway into a land of eternal joy and happiness. If you attend the funeral of someone who has not gone to church or been active in a faith system you will likely hear the clergy assure the family that the person has gone to a better place and is enjoying a life free from disease and suffering. It seems strange to thinking people that those who have not had any time for God in this life would suddenly want to be in His eternal presence.

On the other hand, countless irreligious people who are dying will suddenly confess faith when they realize they are near the end of their journey in this world. Whereas they did not have any time for God while living they scramble to find Him when dying. The sad truth of Scripture is that if you live without God you will die without Him as well.

Three times in Romans 1 we read the frightening words that God gives up those who steadfastly refuse to have Him in their lives. More than once I have ministered to individuals who lived godless lives but at the end, with eternity in their hearts, they frantically sought God. Sadly they died without any assurance that God heard them.

Did God give those people up? It is not for me to say. Even at that late hour, I urged them to repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. I told them the story of the repentant thief who was delivered from the judgment for his sins because he cried out to the Lord just before he died. I held out hope to them. That was all I could do.

Eternity is indeed impressed in the hearts of people and Christians should be urging all people everywhere to repent and believe the Gospel message. As a follower of Christ you ought to rejoice in the truth that eternity is yours to enjoy forever.

When you arrive at its gate you shall soon enough forget the pain and suffering of this life as you view the splendors, hear the majestic music, and fall before your Saviour lost in wonder, love, and praise.

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