Day Of Decision

“…choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…
But as for me and my household,
we will serve the Lord.”
Joshua 24:15 (NIV)

In our text for today Joshua, the leader of the Hebrew nation, called on the people to make a momentous decision. He urged them to make a life changing choice. It was a call to whole hearted commitment to the Lord so that their future would be all that God had promised to those who loved and served Him.

The people knew that there were times in the past that their forefathers had chosen to serve other gods and they paid a great price for their infidelity to the Lord. Their lives were cursed, their future was ruined and they came to shipwreck for their folly.

Here Joshua urges the people to make a decision that will profoundly impact their future. They were on the threshold of a momentous determination. On the day people marry, they make just such a momentous choice as they pledge to forsake all others and keep to one person only until death parts them.

In various contexts we arrive at a place in life when we make a resolution that impacts our future. Be it a decision to take a certain career over others, enter marriage, or choose to have children, we come to a crossroad and make a choice between going to the right, or going to the left.

You and I are challenged in life to commit our way unto the Lord. Scripture tells us to come to our Creator in prayer and bow before His authority and accept His will for our lives. We begin our lives as rebels against the Lord and we are to repent and cease living for ourselves and commit our entire future to serving the God Who made us.

When we cease living life as it pleases us in order to please the Lord, we then enter a special relationship with the Lord. We agree that whatever He brings our way we are determined to accept and seek to keep living to please Him and not ourselves. It is the common experience among Christians that when we are pleasing the Lord we find that it also pleases us.

This can help solve the problem of pain in our lives. We have agreed in principle to serve the Lord—whatever comes. So when sorrow and difficulties seem to cloud our way we turn to the Lord for grace to live each day for Him.

On His part, the Lord has promised to sustain us through whatever comes (Isaiah 41:10). This assurance of daily grace is all we need to follow faithfully the Good Shepherd. Will you make that momentous decision to follow whatever comes?

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