Look at the birds

“Are you not much more valuable than they?”
Matthew 6:26

It was a frosty January morning many years ago and I was in the kitchen of a new widow’s home trying to help her prepare a budget now that there was only her income to pay the bills.

With my experience in finance I carefully went over all her expenses and compared the total with her income. There was no way we could make ends meet for her. She needed her car for transportation to work. Her son required medicines for his many medical issues but she did not have health insurance.

We pared the expenses down as far as we could. Still we could not make income match expenses. Finally I suggested she needed to sell the house and move into more modest and less expensive accommodation.

It broke her heart to hear what I suggested. I urged her to go to a professional financial counsellor that the church would pay for and get advice there. She shook her head and the tears started.

Suddenly a beautiful red cardinal landed in a tree outside the kitchen window where we were working and began his glorious song of praise to its Creator.

I was inspired. I reminded her of the context of our verse for today. Jesus had just been teaching the people that they should not worry about clothes and food. Life is more important than that, He said. Jesus then called on the people to look at the birds and consider that they did not sow seed or reap harvests, neither did they store the grain in the barn.

Jesus then put the question to His hearers, (Matthew 6:26 NIV).

“Are you not much more valuable than they?” 

He went on to say that worrying about things would not add any time to your lifespan.

Jesus argues from the lesser to the greater. God values people more than birds and He sees to it that the birds get fed. So, why not believe He will see to it that we get fed?

I said to the widow, “I don’t know how you will get your finances in order but somehow God will do it and that cardinal outside the window is telling us that fact.”

The dear woman had enough experience walking with God to accept that things would work out somehow. And things did work out for her, and God made provision for her that we could not see at the time.

Are you one who trusts God when you cannot know how He will provide? Do you realise how valuable you are compared to the birds that He feeds every day? Will you not trust this amazing Creator God who organizes things in the world so the animals are fed?

You can be certain of a good reception by Him if you will come with your burden and remind Him that you are more important than the birds. Tell him that you need His care and you will trust Him to provide for you now and forever. He has promised never to turn away anyone who comes sincerely and in faith. Come, and come today.

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