Our Bright Future

“Your eyes will see the king in his beauty…”
Isaiah 33:17

Many years ago my father taught me to drive the family car. For some reason he got me onto the highway rather early in the process. Perhaps he thought I was doing well enough to get into the faster lanes. Whatever the reason, I soon learned a good lesson in driving and also in life.

When I first started out on the highway, it was not busy—and that made things easier. I tried to align the corner of the driver’s side front fender with the center line on the road. That was the wrong thing to do. By concentrating on the immediate road ahead I began to over steer and was constantly trying to make corrections to keep the fender on the dotted line.

My father quickly sensed what was wrong. He told me to look farther down the road and that would allow me to steer properly without seeking to make so many tiny corrections. He was right, of course, and so when I did what he suggested things went much better.

I learned that day that there was a lesson in life as well as in driving to glean from my time on the highway. My worries about what was happening in my small world seemed to be put into much better perspective when I took the long term view.

Another example might help shed light on the issue I am raising today. When I first attended art galleries, I wondered at the big rooms that accommodated the works of art. I thought it was a poor use of space to reduce the number of walls by having such wide corridors and rooms.

Then I learned that in order to appreciate a work of art, it was good to stand some distance away and be able to encompass the entire scene at once. Having your nose on the canvas deprived you of the full pleasure of all that was to be seen. Indeed the painting did not make much sense until you viewed it from a longer perspective.

The God who made us has made His self disclosure, the Bible, a book filled with the long term view of life. Our verse today gives the believer a most exciting and desirable perspective on life. It allows us to see past the “blips” of life and focus on what is ours forever instead of what is temporary.

Our Creator greatly desires us to have the long term view in mind always. He knows only that will keep us on track. Too much attention to the issues of today spoils our view of eternity. Anne Ross Cousins composed delightful verse and a couplet from one of her longer poems goes as follows:

The King there in His beauty,
without a veil is seen:
It were a well spent journey,
though seven deaths lay between:

At this time we, who are the children of God, now see dimly what will then fill us with wonder and amazement. Thinking on what is down the road for us is the greatest factor to keep us on course today. May the beauty of our God fill your horizon today and keep you from stumbling.

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