I Thought You Knew

“Jesus saw the rich…
He also saw a poor widow…”
Luke 21:1-2 (NIV)

Some time ago I sought to reconnect with a friend from years ago. We enjoyed each other’s company and I appreciated the expertise he had in our hobby of ham radio. We often went to ham fests together to look over the many used pieces of equipment for sale, eagerly looking for something we could not live without. We would also try and sell some of our own surplus equipment. He was a person of many interests and our chats en route to and from the site for the sale were lively and interesting.

For reasons I cannot remember, we lost contact with each other for several years. I finally emailed him to see how he was and to reconnect with him. The email he sent back was somewhat garbled and I could not understand much of what he sent to me. I tried to phone but he had moved and it took several weeks to find out his phone number to call him.

When I finally called his house a surprised son told me that his father had passed away some weeks before. He said to me, “I thought you knew.” Well, I did not know or I would have come to the funeral and offered my condolences to the family.

One of the frustrations in my work is that occasionally I overlook someone in need. I seek to keep myself organized and on top of things but then it happens—someone gets lost in the shuffle. I would like to think I never miss someone but, alas, it is not so.

It may be that you are one of those people who have been lost in the shuffle by those who should be supporting you in your time of need. It hurts to be forgotten or ignored by others. Maybe you are a person who has always appeared on top of everything and so no one would imagine you need encouragement yourself. That can be especially lonely.

However you reach out for the necessary assistance, always remember that the Lord sees you and takes note of your need. This is the beauty of our text today. No one, rich or poor, is unnoticed by the One who made us. You are always on God’s radar and you should never forget it.

One thing you may do to get the help you need is to ask for help from the God who sees you. He never turns a deaf ear to our needs when we come humbly to Him through Jesus.

When our Lord was among us 2,000 years ago He had many friends among the poor and unknown, and also had some friends in the highest places.

Will you turn today to the One who made you, who preserves your life daily, and before who you will stand some day, and ask from Him the grace and mercy you need to deal with the issues before you?

Jesus invites any and all of us to come to Him. He promises that those who come to Him He will never turn away. (John 6:38).

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