Picking a fight with God

“I am angry enough to die.”
Jonah 4:9

We all have our own view of who God is and how to make a connection with Him. Again and again in these devotionals I seek to encourage all of my readers to develop a personal relationship with their Creator. In every devotional I seek to make clear how God has told us to come to Him. Jesus is the only way to God and we cannot come with anything in our hands to recommend us.

If we come to God we must leave behind us any thought of using our own works of merit to entice God to want us. We cannot earn our way into His good graces. We come just as we are. A second thing about relating to God that I desire to make clear is the fact that being upset with God is not going to drive Him away.

There are people who believe that it is very dangerous to complain to God about how He is treating us. They have the view that God will somehow cast us off if we tell Him we have had enough of what is coming at us in life. Obviously I would never advocate the name calling of God that I have heard from some people in their objections to how the world works.

Regardless of how tough things get, I believe we never should “pick a fight” with God. Obviously we cannot win, and it is inappropriate for the creature to tell the Creator how His world should run. Nevertheless, I do recognize that at times a person’s patience may run out—due to our trials—and criticisms of God come out of our mouths. The world will not end when this happens—nor need we fear a lightning bolt will come out of the clouds to strike us dead.

In fact this was the situation of Jonah in Jonah 4. He was extremely upset with what God had done and felt he wanted to die to get away from the world. God did not strike him dead for foolish talk. God actually tried to reason with His rebellious prophet. Alas, the little book on Jonah closes with the final scene showing Jonah “hopping mad” at life.

Perhaps you have felt anger at what is happening in your life as Jonah did. God wants to reason with you if you will listen. If you are still rather heated about your problem, try and cool down and then speak to God and tell Him your dislike of the issue in front of you.

If you are a parent you may have had occasion to require of your child that they swallow some distasteful but needed medicine. You are not happy to make them miserable, however you know the unpleasant “stuff” will bring them to a better day. Maybe you need to see the problem you have as some bitter remedy for an ailment.

God is worthy of our trust just as you are worthy of your children’s trust. Tell Him you do not like what is happening. He does not mind that at all. Describe how frustrated you are about life. Your Creator will listen patiently to all you have to say. Then if you are ready to listen, He will direct you on how to cope and survive the thing that threatens you.

Will you come to your Maker and pour out your heart today? I encourage you to come in Jesus’ name and ask God for all you need to cope and rise above what weighs you down. He is waiting to hear from you today.

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