“Why Mommy, why Daddy?”

“Now I know in part;
then I shall know fully…”
1 Corinthians 13:12 (NIV)

It seems the work of a lifetime to understand how our children are wired. I had a wonderful time raising my two boys and seeking to help them learn all they could about the amazing world in which we live. One son was most interested in human biology and the other in computer sciences.

Then—when I married a younger widow with three small children in midlife—I looked forward to engaging their young minds in creation as well. Now I am seeking to get good literature on the world around us for my grandchildren to read so they too can marvel at what God has made for us, and to give them further reasons to worship Him as I do.

As every adult knows, children have a special capacity to drive adults insane with the seemingly endless repetition of the question, “Why?” We can soon wish them to go away quietly and leave us alone. We must learn that this is just the way they are wired. Their minds are hungry for knowledge and if we do not help them find answers they may go to sources we may not appreciate for answers.

As adults we usually still have a desire for information as we journey through life.  Possibly we do not wish to know the results of certain tests when we visit the doctor’s office. But the results of a certain test may be very happy news especially when they are negative.

Just like children, we adults may ask the question “Why?” at times in life. Sometimes when we search for information to troubling issues we are confronted with silence. Why is there so much suffering, so much pain, so much loneliness in the world around us. No one seems to hold the answer.

In the Bible we learn right up front that God did not make the world full of suffering, sorrow and death. Something happened that we usually call “the fall” to cause the perfect creation to have death written all over it. Our first parents—Adam and Eve—rebelled against God and suddenly the world began to decay and die as God pronounced a curse on it. That is the bad news about suffering. It all started with the first people in the world.

Now for the Good News. At the same time that God added the element of disorder into the world, He also spoke a word of hope and encouragement. He promised that One would come to redeem fallen humanity and restore what Adam and Eve lost. All through the Old Testament more and more detail is given about the Coming One God promised.

The remarkable message of the New Testament is that Jesus fulfils all the Old Testament prophecies of the promised Messiah. He came to pay for the sins of His people and to provide them with an endless future with Him in a recreated world that will never again decay. His work in this world 2,000 years ago has results that last forever. That is God’s promise to all who follow Jesus.

However, God does not give us all the answers today concerning the suffering in this world. He calls on His people to trust Him today for all the answers He will give us when we see Him. That is what our verse for today is all about. Will you trust the One who sent His well loved Son into our world to pay the price for sin? Do you believe He is worthy of our trust? I believe He deserves our trust and I urge you to come to Him today and put all your back-breaking cares on Him. He really cares for sinners like you and me.

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