“Thanks for what?”

“…although they knew God,
they neither glorified him as God
nor gave thanks to him…”
Romans 1:21 (NIV)

Imagine for a moment walking through a field in the country with someone and suddenly coming across a shiny big Hummer truck loaded with options. Both you and your friend are stunned as there is no road or even tire tracks to explain how it got there. How might it have come to be there?

Then your friend makes a remarkable suggestion. He says, “I think it just happened out of nothing. I don’t think anyone drove it here, it just came into existence from nothing.” What would you say to your friend? Would you question their intelligence? Would you ask yourself—what is he smoking?

Well, you certainly would be in order to doubt his intelligence or else his sanity. Nothing cannot create anything.

Normal, thinking people recognize that for something to exist in time and space it must have a cause. Nothing is not a cause for anything. To suggest a car can suddenly come from nowhere is absurd.

Yet as we look at the universe around us with its beauty, remarkable laws governing it, and the power and energy it possesses, it is certainly unbelievably more complex that a car, even if it is a Hummer truck. Why do people insist that the world just happened without a cause? What fuels their drive to evangelize common people into the persuasion that there is no Creator or Cause for what we see around us?

For those who have problems in life and nothing seems to make sense in their situation, looking at the world around us and seeking the remarkable symmetry and order of everything can be a source of great comfort. My little world may be chaotic but the universe speaks of grandeur and wonderful organization. Somehow this can be helpful to us.

When God came to His servant Job in the horrors of Job’s misery it is fascinating that—while God did not explain to Job the why’s and wherefore’s of his suffering—God did point Job to the symmetry and organization of creation.

It seems that Job was to recognize that in God’s way of running the vast universe—there really is purpose to it all.

When we find ourselves overcome with the strain of living in chaos, it is then that we ought to look at the amazing world around us.

Consider the beauty of a sunrise or sunset, observe the glory of the fall colors, look up at the stars shining at night and wonder who hung them all in space. Creation is so beautiful and organized that we are without excuse if we succumb to the notion that life is meaningless.

Are you able to lift your eyes to the heavens and see the glory of the Creator? Can you hear the songbirds singing the praise of their Creator?

Will you speak to the One who has put everything in its place and ask for the grace you need for the next step in life? He waits for you to call. He has promised to answer. God speaks in creation, listen and give thanks and ask for the needed help for the problems you face in life.

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