“As sure as death and taxes”—Benjamin Franklin

“The Lord appeared to us…saying:
‘I have loved you with an everlasting love;
I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.’”
Jeremiah 31:3 (NIV)

We live in a world of uncertainty. As we listen to the political rhetoric of national leaders whose countries have thermonuclear bombs at their disposal we can easily become paranoid.

The push of a button can begin a global war almost beyond our imaginations with its horrors. Magazines tell us about super bacteria that appears to be resistant to the antibiotics at our disposal. Too little sleep, too much stress, poor diet and various other things can weaken our immune system.

What then is truly stable and certain? Where can we find safety in a world so unstable? The only answer is to seek refuge in the presence of almighty God. He does not change, His promises are steadfast and He will never leave of forsake anyone who comes to Him humbly and in repentance.

Jesus has said that if any person comes to him He will never reject for any reason.

Do you believe this? Are your hopes grounded in the promises of a sovereign God? Will you put your hope in Him alone? Come to Him and come today.

I hear the words of love,
I gaze upon the blood,
I see the mighty sacrifice,
And I have peace with God.

’Tis everlasting peace!
Sure as Jehovah’s Name,
’Tis stable as His steadfast throne,
For evermore the same.

I change, He changes not;
The Christ can never die;
His love, not mine, the resting-place,
His truth, not mine, the tie.

Horatius Bonar 1861

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